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Brilliant Adrian. Hope you don't mind me quoting/linking this entry in my own blog.

Say this: it's your hobby. If you weren't spending so much time on this, you'd be spending it on another hobby (taxidermy, golf, stamp-collecting, whatever). A man has to have other interests in lfie apart from work and family.

Have your heard the song thats played on the ABC Radio National, usually on "Macca in the Morning" on Sunday mornings, called "My Love is on the Internet again". I think a lot of partners could relate to it, it goes "My love is on the internet again, why wont he come to bed with me we could Yahoo all night long for free......" I cant remember it all it goes on "everytime I hear that modem squeal like a lovers voice thats not quite real....." its so funny, sorry I dont have a link.

sorry for the hasty slack post, wrong radio station wrong name of show.

is a proper link to the program but it does not mention the song.

Great post!

I'm curious--

How does she feel about appearing in your blog? The newspaper at my law school is apparently taking an interest in my blog, which prompted a scramble on my part to delete obvious references to classmates by their first and last names. Blogging, I've realized, is not just a glimpse into my world -- but into the worlds of unwitting characters who would perhaps prefer not to appear in Google searches for binge drinking or murderous plots hatched against especially torturous professors.

Flavius, no problem
Scott, too true, never trust a man without a hobby !
Randwickbelle, can't say I've heard it but I understand the message.
Michele, from a champion blogger like you that's much appreciated.
Derek, Understandably the Angel is ambivalent about public exposure. Therefore I run things like this post by her. And often she will simply respond like Marge in The Simpsons, with that endearing 'hmmmmmmmmmm...'. Enough said.

Otherwise, if any blogger cares to lodge a response concerning how their blogging impacts on their connections, feel free to do so.

I ran across this site while looking for blogs about "Law School Widows". I have had the misconception in my head that all bloggers were scary people who eat little children and were afraid of direct sunlight. Reading the other comments helped me to open my mind and begin to feel more comfortable in this self-revealing world. Thanks for the insight!!

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