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Interesting list, isn' it, but I'd hazard that the ethnic make-up of migrants would vary depending on which city in Australia it was. For instance in Perth, apart from the usual large number of Asian migrants, there were also significant numbers of British, South Africans and Zimbabweans.

Multiculturalism has turned Australia from a redneck backwater into one of the most exciting and culturally sophisticated places on the globe...
You only have to travel to certain semi rural Queensland towns to get a taste of what Australia would have stayed like if it had remained all white...
Ignorant, Stupid and Inbred...
Multiculturalism rocks.......

What an interesting list of names. I remember being impressed when, a year ago, I got a similar list of people who were on the body corporate of the apartment building in which I'd just purchased a flat. I think me and my Other Half were the only anglo names on the list. Welcome to multi-cultural Australia all right.

The best thing about multiculturalism here is that it actually works - like how kimbofo's body corporate presumably functions as well as any run by an all-WASP group. Somehow here we've never really gone much down the path of ghettos and racially based crime, yet we still have really vibrant ethnic communities. What a great combination!

Nice to see that multiculturalism rocks our cities. As someone who lives in semi-rural Queensland I look forward to advice from James on how to revitalise our ignorant, stupid and inbred communities which are not dissimilar (by the way) to several in New South Wales that I've also lived in.

The high percentage of non Anglo-Celtic names suggests that perhaps Asian and East European migrants treasure the concept of citizenship rather more than the WASPs who possibly take it, and what it represents, for granted.

I like Multi-culturalism too!

I grew up in a small country town in the Hunter Valley and the local cafe was run by two Greeks - boy were we suspicious of them! Even more so than the token Aborigine in town - at least he played rugby league.

I don't know about "ignorant, stupid and inbred" applying only to country Australia. It is here in Sydney by the bucket-load together with ghettos (Cabramatta, Canterbury and St Ives) and racially based crime (the rape trials of the last five years).

I remember being shocked during my recent visit to Tasmania to realise what it was that I found disquieting about Launceston - the isolation and WASP-exterior put me in mind of my childhood in Anglo-Australia.

And who do we have to praise for this maturing of the Australian psyche? Certainly not the recently deceased Joh who, even though of immigrant stock himself, was a multicultural-retard. To my mind the bouquets go to Gough and to Al Grassby, who also shuffled off this mortal coil during the past week.

Gough and Al Grassby never saw a wo they didn't want to manipulate into good little Labor voting stooges.
The success of multiculturalism in Oz goes to skips who nver their suspicions of wogs get in the way of great tasting food.
Love this country.

I was interested to note at a work meeting the other day I was the only Anglo, and im a pome migrant, there were also 3 women all holding their own and not just for tea making or note taking.

Australia sure has changed, for the better since 1967. Now for the next steps, to spread out of the multicultural ghettos, (pome areas included, yes they exist) and make a truely cosmopolitan society with different roots but one common purpose. Just like that annoying song with the great chorus and no coherant verses, we have to learn to sing with one voice; I am, you are we are Australian.

Adrian - number 33 looks dodgy to me, I recognise him as someone of ill repute! Hopefully I'll see you next week some time.

Yeah you're right Rob. An illegal for sure. Confidential inquires have revealed he's illegally married to #70, runs a dodgy diner with #113 and was sponsored by #129. The authorities have been notified !

Swings and roundabouts, I think. We've picked up plenty of good restaurants and supermarkets actually carry things beyond tripe and white sauce (perk), and investment and entrepreneurship have thrived in the hands of migrants. Macedonian back, ethnic crime and gangs, 30+% unemployment among some groups and political manipulation by dominant ethnic groups in key marginals are very large downsides, but hard to avoid with a non-discriminatory migration policy. I'd be happy if we could exchange our surplus white-trash bogans for hard working migrants.

BTW- Al Grassby was a corrupt, venal piece of shit in the pockets of Calabrian hoons- I'm glad he finally croak, and hope he burns.

Can u picture it Joh and Al queing up at the Pearly Gates together.

Golly ...

I find the ethnic ghetto talk quite absurd. It's based on socio-economic factors.
Areas like Cabramatta and Canterbury have been traditionally inhabited by people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and it's makeup has changed over decades. For example before alot of the Asian immigration it was mostly inhabited by Greek migrants though not anymore.
Cabramatta was near the Villawood migrant hostel so it's obvious that many would've settled around there.
Furthermore there has been statistical evidence that has shown that generally after a generation there generally is a diaspora.
That's my thoughts particularly being 'ethnic' and coming from the ghetto of the Canterbury area.

I thought that was the modern definition of ghetto: ethnic/racial segregation based primarily on socio-economic factors. And yes, as soon as people can afford to and have assimilated sufficiently, they leave the ghetto. This is often a generational thing.

but havent u noticed the next generation tends to move into the upmarket area together ? like greeks and maltese in Brighton and those other suburbs round botany bay, and the pomes in blacktown to penrith ?

I really don't have a problem with "people" clumping like this. The only draw-back (and it affects them, not others) is that their English does not improve as much as they might need. But everyone sticks with people they perceive as similar. Nuclear families are a massive draw-back in society. The loss of a social network is what fractures families.

If you believe multiculturalism is good then you need psychiatric evaluation!

I think James, once more, is displaying his ignorance, inbred, stupidity. No doubt he acting this way when visiting semi-rural Queensland and was treated with the disdain he deserves!

I'm a Queenslander, born and bred (note: not inbread) and am proud to be a Queensland. I have travelled far and wide throughout this State and lived in areas far from the coast. I found the people to be most welcoming, intelligent and by no means rude, stupid, inbred or ignorant. Actually, they had more grasp on reality than some I have met in the cities, whether those cities be overseas, in Queensland and in other states of Australia. But then, I don't wear blinkers and I treat people with the respect they deserve. Maybe James should try this for a change...he might find he will learn a thing or three!

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