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That's her 'Matrix' outfit! Lol!

judging by the way she's gonna have to "swing" around the world trying to keep good 'ole US of A's foreign policy going shes' gonna need the outfit to look the part eh !

She's a very busy girl, Adrian.

Condo is an interesting, inspirational woman.

Cause you don't hear much about her from a certain type of feminist.

Nuts to them.

In a lot of what I read, she comes across as a cold, isolated (if not lonely) woman.

What have I missed that you guys have picked up on?

Good question Julie which has me struggling for a definitive answer.

Maybe it's Rice's combination of political power, a certain sexual mystique, a sense she is a geopolitical circuit-breaker - unlike her predecessor, a conservative pin-up gal in stark contrast to the much touted Hillary Clinton for President, her impressive intellect coupled with artistic ability....or maybe it's simply something to do with my mother ! Though I'd need to see Condi's kitchen.,.

Cold and isolated?

Would those things be even raised if she was a man?

probably not. unless i'm personally interested, i don't like to rate women and men differently.

but she scares me. agressive behaviour, backed by a large, indiscriminate punch. kind of like running in to a big mean arsehole at the pub. except she won't personally punch you, her navy will...

sorry Adrian, feel free to delete. been a long day, and now a lot of beers...

This woman makes me uneasy. Even Madaline Albright (spelling sorry) has a family and a past. Overachiever Condo just seems to have her job. She does not have 'it all' at all, just an isolated princess. Maybe guys want to be the knight to wake her ?

Can I suggest people read Miranda Devine's article in the first edition of Investigate magazine.

I am totally perplexed that women are brining up such things.

Is she good at her job or not, that's all that matters.

Adrian, I think 'Adventure Girl' had it with the Matrix outfit........ or maybe Darth Vader!

I guess the question is... does your mother remind you of the leather clad, sexy, Trinity; or the Dark Lord of the Sith who shows no mercy!!! Please don't tell her I said that!

Politically, that Condi attracts hostility is interesting. A perception she is cold and ruthless is not considered a negative for male politicans in such positions.

Equally, if men are encouraged to get in touch with their feminine sides, then the reverse can apply to women. Hence for the job at hand- whip-cracker of the free world-Condi is well suited. (excuse the pun)

Rob, my 'mother' reference was not so much a literal one, but rather pertains to the old psychobabble put-down, 'If it's not one thing, then it's your mother !'.

No worries, Mum's the word, mate.

I agree: it's about how she does her job. Back in academia, where she came from, she was probably very good indeed - a Cold War scholar teaching Cold War politics. That she was appointed National Security Advisor in a post-Cold War world was questionable, and that the world has seen its conflicts develop further away from those conditions while her actions and those of him whom she advises reflect a continued Cold War mentality (despite assertions to the contrary) are suggestive of a serious problem in her qualifications.

I am not convinced that my comment about being cold and isolated was a sexist slur. I think it does impact upon the way she does her job. They both pertain to character. Character is crucial whether the subject be a male or a female. Many of the comments about Clinton could have been regarded as sexist and irrelevant - but they were spun in such a way as they were a comment upon his character.

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