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The knives are out on both sides of the cab door, I see...

To defend him, I'm sure what Fred *meant* to say was, "Wouldn't it be great if they had a staggered changeover system, or let cabbies decide their own hours? And I promise I won't be rude or aggressive, and I'll never just jump in." He just forgot to put it quite that way.

yes, fred fell for the trap of firing off a letter to the paper without thinking.

Good response, hope it got published.

Splat Guy, effecting a staggered changeover is a sensible and desireable option. However it would only be possible in a deregulated taxi industry. Presently the majority of drivers out of managed bases work to this regulation, leaving a minority of private drivers operating flexibly around 3pm/am.

A tip for passengers at these times - head towards City entry-points, to jag the few Vacant cabs arriving during changeover. Otherwise it's futile waiting in the middle of the City expecting a cab. Cruel but true.

James, I suspect my letter wasn't published due to an automated computer reply requesting my full address. As I explained in a subsequent reply, I'm loathe to give out either my full address or home suburb. As such I requested they wave the condition, and just nominate my location as Sydney.

Recently, the SMH published a dissenting view from a Macquarie Fields resident during the riots. In doing so, they printed her full name, despite her request not to do so. Given that, I had no faith they'd honor my request, re address suburb.

LOL Adrian, that guy may have started it, but you finished it. ;)

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