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Wow. Quite a striking picture. Was it five members of the same family? How very, very tragic. Makes you realise that you can be the best driver in the world, it's the other buggers on the road you have to worry about.

Certainly is Kim. Here's what was said in State Parliament on March 18, 2004 in a debate on the state of the Pacific Highway,

For example, the areas of fatigue-related accidents have moved. Kew, which is about four hours drive north of Sydney, has been the site of a shocking number of fatigue-related fatalities.

There is a roadside memorial consisting of five crosses for the five members of the Riley family who were killed as they returned home from holidays on the Gold Coast. The Riley family lived near Taree. A Sydney driver who was travelling north with his girlfriend fell asleep at the wheel. He had left work and was tired.

I think his defence in court was that he had some type of sleeping condition. His four-wheel-drive vehicle crossed onto the wrong side of the road, and a family of five was killed, including some very young children.

This case was cited recently in a similar accident in Sydney, where the driver had an epiletic fit and killed a young family. Yet he'd failed to disclose his condition when applying for a license.

i know it's a bit harsh. but if you have a condition like that, and you don't disclose it, then go on to cause an accident like that, i think you should be charged with manslaughter.
you know about the condition, and you put yourself in charge of a vehicle, which, if your condition surfaces, is potentially hazardous or fatal.
we should have more driver's education in schools i think. i'm impressed by the attitude of some younger people i know, who were taught about drink driving at school and shown some pictures of the wreckages. they are a lot smarter about driving than i was at the same age...

Rat, I could'nt agree with you more. the case that Adrian refers to ended with the driver getting seven years in jail. He drove knowing that he could have an epileptic fit at any time yet he got behind the wheel anyway. A beautiful young family destroyed all due to one persons selfishness and he's appealing 'cause his sentence is too harsh. What about the life sentence he has imposed on the relatives and friends of these people?

I'd just like to say I grew up with both these wonderful people. We miss you both so very much. xxxxxx

Colleen, I trust you draw some strength and comfort from having these wonderful people in your hearts. Kind regards from all of us.

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