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I have written to magazines in the past regarding my search for an efficient way to contact all sub-groups of the travel industry. Obviously, such a task is monumental. With (essentially) no budget to hire a marketing staff, I write the usual introductory letters to a variety of entities. Some travel writers do a piece on my company. Google has linked TravelKleen with other web sites (mostly useless + a high cost per click)) and there has not been enough traffic at recent trade shows to make the expense worthwhile. So...

I was wondering if your organization would be interested in using my reusable headrest protector as a promotional item. Baseball caps, pens, key chains and Frisbees are common and tend to be the same ol' - same ol' promotional item found at trade shows and/or given away at business meetings. With the airlines continuing to cut amenities and plane cleanliness, my product strongly suggests that organizations (such as yours) using my product as a promotional item, are aware of issues in the travel industry -- and that you care!

In addition, I thought that there might be a possibility that my TravelKleen Headrest Protector could also be mentioned as a "special interest product" or a "travel tip" on your web page. I could also link your web page with mine. (I am getting ready to link a variety of organizations: travel writers/editors that have written about my product, travel agencies as well as cruise lines that are using my product for promotional endeavors, Travel Radio shows (I have been interviewed), etc.

Interestingly, one of my outdoor, health oriented customers that hikes, camps, climbs and runs happened to mention to me that "Dirt is clean -- airplane seats aren't..." It seems that her comment truly puts things into perspective.
If you feel that there could be a connection, below is a news release that further explains my product. One other note: My product (with your organization's makes a great retail and/or give-a-way for a promotion that it may have in the near future. Thoughts?

FYI -- My background is quite interesting: Wife (38 years July 6th), Mother (4 children), Teacher, Grandmother (with a web page), QA Coordinator (Santa Monica Hi-Tech Company), and now, an Entrepreneur -- a great human interest story.

Please let me know your thoughts.


Arlene Rosenstein


Of interest to editors and journalists covering: travel, tourism, health, airline industry, beauty products, human interest for travel and promotion industries

New disposable headrest cover provides sanitary barrier for the passenger and is a highly-visible branding tool for the advertiser.

Los Angeles, Ca. – March 25, 2007 – TravelKleen, LLC (www.TravelKleen.com), a leader in travel hygiene, announces a new line of unique headrest protectors for the travel and promotion industry. The new, reusable headrest protector cover provides a sanitary barrier between the traveler’s head and the seat's headrest. The protector is made from a hygienic fabric featuring a special adhesive that allows the lightweight, attractive headrest protector to easily adhere to seatbacks. The protector easily attaches to fabric, leather and synthetic materials without marring the surface and in seconds, can quickly be removed and put back into its pouch.

The headrest protector is simple to use, fits all sizes of seats, is adjustable for children, is reusable and inexpensive. The back of the head never directly touches soiled seatbacks providing a fresh and comfortable feeling for the traveler – a perfect item for consumers concerned about hygiene issues.

When asked about the main point about the product, Arlene Rosenstein, president of TravelKleen said that her TravelKleen Headrest Protector "is the leading sanitary product on the market for the anxious travelers that wish to keep their head clean and fresh while on the move."

"The thought of the thousands of people who have put their heads against the dirty headrest was awful" explained Rosenstein. "The headrests are rarely (if at all) cleaned. Trying to ignore the ‘filth and smelly problem’ was impossible. My headrest protector helps me and my fellow travelers."

TravelKleen’s headrest (two to a package) comes in a small, vinyl bag that easily fits in a purse, brief case or even a jacket pocket. Although the main emphasis has been trains and planes and is sold at airports, Ms. Rosenstein indicated that her product is also found in beauty supply, luggage and drug stores as well as specialty shops.

More recently, the TravelKleen headrest protector has become a unique marketing and advertising tool for other industries such as outdoor retail, hi-tech, conventions and other organizations. Ms. Rosenstein started the company earlier this year. When asked if there was anything unexpected in how her company has taken off, Ms. Rosenstein said that she was surprised that industries not directly related to the travel industry "were doing a service for their own customers and clients" by using her TravelKleen Headrest Protector "as a unique way to promote their company and to help people recognize health and hygiene issues in the travel industry."

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