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Bloody hell, Adrian, you've had quite a week.

Spoilt journalists need a good spanking. They should remember it's all fish and chip wrapping the next day.

Trust it will all work out okay.

Adrian, a taxi driving mate of mine tells similar stories re the short trips. I figured the way to fix this would be to get rid of subsidised public transport and bring in a minimum fair of say $10. Don't think it will happen though, it won't win votes for the pollies.

It's unfortunate that people are so touchy that they make a complaint about a simple matter where no harm is done and you have to answer to some go between from the RTA who has to seem concerned.
The moron from News Ltd will feel vindicated and nothing will happen to you.
This is how such stupid things usually go.!
Such is the life of a cab driver.

Fairfax worse than News Ltd? I'm a Fairfax journo and I've had a mutually rewarding friendship with a small group of St George cab drivers for years now. They drive me home five nights a week after my late shift. I'm there for them in the dead times (like January) and they're around for me in busy times (like December). Over the years I've learnt a lot about drivers, and every one is different. I respect them highly and learn a lot from them.
There'll always be wankers about who see every encounter as a master-servant relationship, but they earn no respect and deserve humiliation. They're also lazy, so it's unlikely your pest will report you.

I also drive and get annoyed by people that keep you waiting. They wouldn't do it to a plumber or doctor.My motto is "never let the bastards get you down." I also think the flagfall should be at least $5.00 with say the first two ks free. This would mean that long trips would not be subsidising short trips.I have picked up plenty of Fairfax staff here in Melbourne but I don't recall too many Murdoch journalists.Maybe that is an oxymoron here in Melbourne.

I should qualify my negative experiences with Fairfax staffers. They have all been males !

Regarding the issue of short fares, I'm not troubled by them per se. They're a fact of life. It's more to do with how unthinking passengers don't consider the process whereby they use long-waiting rank cabs when they could just as easily hail a passing cab. Or if there are none passing, at least acknowledge our disadvantage with either a small tip or a simple apology. The same consideration applies to passing large notes, presenting heavy luggage, etc.

Recently a bloke at the Airport asked what was the fare to the City. When told it was around $20, he said I'll give you $30 to take me around to the carpark. I could have kissed him.

I have experienced something similar in the lifts in office buildings. On occasion when some slim hipped go-getter holds the lift door open while finishing an interesting conversation about mergers,bonds or the like.It always fills me with feelings of impotence and rage. But then I am pretty tightly wound.

As a former driver, I think your blog is just f**king awesome. You have a wonderful way with words, and I'm now a regular reader.
Keep it going mate.

Thanks mate, welcome to the club, exclusive as it is. I'll be visiting you real soon.

surely you are a bit sensitive, small fares - like large ones must be part of the job, it all adds up amigo, if it was so inconsequential why not hand the fare back in contempt and take a stand

Love the blog and the 1st few entries I've just read. As an ex Sydney cab driver with over 10 years experience I would offer a couple of thorts:
1. You cannot and never wil change some passengers...just grin and bear it.
2. You can control how you react to them....ask yourself..."I wonder what's going on in their life to cause them to act that way?" It creates some interesting answers which help you handle people.
3. Driving a cab....never has and never will be "a profession"'s a job. Don't ever try to compare driving a cab around with Medico's, lawyers, architects, accountants who study and pass tests for years. The professions are 100's of years old, don't insult them by thinking a cabbie is a professional.
4. The stories from driving a cab may one day become materials for a book for you....keep them.

Enuff for now...I'll pop in again.

David, after carrying hundreds of fares, one is bound to get up the nose from time to time. Only Jesus can resist wankers consistently. So yes, I took a stand.
Gazza, regarding professions I used the qualifier, 'by definition' strictly as it applied to cabbies and journalists. As such, cab driving is a profession. Just as honourable, worthwhile and noble as others you mention. For my part however, no comparisons with other trades or professions were made. The book is coming and do drop in again. Cheers,

how bout u go get a tissue up ya guts!!!

how bout u go get a tissue up ya guts!!!

I think the boy must have a stutter.

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