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For once you have me pretty stumped for comment - can't get the words out :-/ I have lived for years (30+)in outback communities, some with as few as a dozen people - others up to 1000, and I can tell you that the situation re violence etc is spiralling south despite valiant efforts by aboriginal women. In a nutshell - your KAS "lady's" glib retort is PC b/s and is, imho, part of the increasing problem. GRR, GRR - must stop - BP rising !!

In the 90's i did an indigenous health course at uni and one of the essays i had to write concerned the move to get pregnant aboriginal women to give birth in their camps as per their tradition rather than in the 'white fellas antiseptic hospitals'. the lecturer acknowledged in class that even though infant mortality had risen under this plan it was good because it 'empowered' aboriginals, ie they had control over their health-care. well..... in my essay i bucked the system and said that it's totally unacceptable to change to a system that kills babies and puts the mothers at risk. the upshot was that i was called into the head lecturers office and given a dressing down about my 'attitude'. they were fine with the higher death toll as long as it meant 'indigenous self-determination'. he refused to mark the paper saying that he would fail me if he did. i was then given another chance to re-write the essay the 'correct way (which i did). i've hated leftist academics ever since.

Ross, I got into similar trouble by stating that aboriginals need jobs, decent housing, education and a future (just like the rest of us) rather than to be kept in some kind of anthropological zoo for the satisfaction of academics and romanticists.

I got a lecture about my 'attitude' but since I had not said anything overtly 'racist', they had to let it slide.

Yes, I got low marks for that assignment. It will be good for Australia when this generation of leftist academics and teachers dies off. Since they were not even capable of teaching our kids how to read and add, they wont be missed.

Doesn't surprise me.

There is a "noble savage" attitude prevailing in academia.

A friend of mine was doing a social work class about indigenous health. The issue of domestic violence came up, but was quickly ignored by the (male) tutor who didn't think it was relevant.

A look at this week's edition of The Bulletin would put paid to that view.

My friend, being a wonderfully vocal middle-aged women, certainly didn't let the discussion stop there.

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