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"A problem shared is a problem halved" so you're half way fixed already :-))Cheers

Thanks Ian, it was really nothing but good for a whinge I figured. Sad really...

Poor pumpkin. The Regents Street cafe for cabbies will love you for that. Watch those places. Maybe they need a good checkin' by the Health Department or your local Council or something. For a really rigorous work-out try vertical disco dancing instead.

Darlene, I'm over knee-tremblers...

I have myself had a meal few months back after reading about that cabbies cafe in regent Street in one of your post. Usually I used to ignore that joint after gassing up the cab at the service station. The meal was much better then I expected, since I am not that adventurous with food being addicted to Indian curries. Back home I told my aussie room mate about this cafe as he is quite adventuros with food and always looking for such 'value for money' joints. But it took him 5 secs. to figure out the place and he furiously accused the owner of serving him leftovers on one of his (and probably last) visit there and would want to hear anything about it. Since then, I do sometimes have to stop for a ocassional meal but his words do keep lingering in my mind.

Yeah Sanjay, one needs faith to eat there, though to be fair I've done so frequently and safely.

Nice to hear you're back safe from the tsunami zone. Let's do dinner soon.

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