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Interesting analysis of Ms Chambers.

Actually, I am a fan of hers and love her distinctive vocals. However, I must concede I haven't heard her sing in concert.

The "Pretty" song was played way too much, as commerical radio is wont to do, but the cynical lyrics about someone telling someone she is who she is were good, if wrongly assumed to be a bit of the victim side.

Alas, as my computer technology extends to a second-hand dud with the worst internet access on the planet and no speakers, I can't listen to the tune, but can I put on my Casey CDs.

Sorry, my grammar is the pits today. I think I should just give it up and go to bed. Blah!

Darlene, I've just recalled Kasey's special edition issue of The Captain. It contained half a dozen bonus tracks of cover songs. In particular, a fantastic rendition of a track, Freightrain. And from memory, without a trace of nasal vocals. She can do it, and still sound great.

With her undoubted song-writing abilities, it will be interesting to see what inspiration is created from her just announced marriage breakdown. According to publicity this is a mutual separation, so any perception of victimhood should thankfully be absent. One hopes.

Homebake was great! Casey, one of the best performers, but she needs a few more UP songs for a live set in the big smoke.

Spiderbait was my highlight. Homebake has not always been good to "the bait", but this year they went off.

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