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I should forward this to Cricket Australia!

I heard that they are looking for a specialist fieldsman to field at silly mid off when the West Indians are batting.

Death benefits are included in the salary package, so your Next of Kin will not be disadvantaged.

Looks like a fun day at Bowral, I think the Don would approve, but might "harumph' a little at the mixed team.

We live in a wonderful country.

PQ, to be precise, I was indeed fielding at silly mid-off for both a catch on the right and the left. The third catch, at silly mid-on was not only achieved by flinging an arm high to the left, trapping the ball and retrieving at the second attempt, but also with a cigarette in the other hand to remain upright. The punters cheered...I was shocked !

Later we all paid homage to the Don with an afternoon walk around the neighbourhood, passing closeby the Bradman oval. Ah, the memories.

Sounds like an idyllic afternoon. The picture takes me back to my 50s childhood and the Christmas afternoons then. Taa ...

Sounds glorious. Went to the boxing day test yesterday and became very nostalgic for the old backyard cricket matches...

Meanwhile, Adrian - new blog at http://anonymouslefty.blogspot.com

With the departure of M*lbourneLefty, you've got an empty spot on your blogroll...


Despite serving years at Chev (hard labour), I actually find myself missing Bowral and Bundanoon more and more with each passing year.

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