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I had been trying to make head-or-tail of Guy Fawkes blowing up Parliament (without watching the first episode last week!). As it finished I channel hopped and bingo got the instant they announced the winner ... so I have seen about 20 seconds of Idol ... wuhoo! ... usually I judge shows like this on how far they make me push back into the sofa.

Helo, I do not live in the land of "man of lettuce" so tell the winner any good?

I am still waiting for this show to produce someone good.

Michele, 'Good' in terms of music is very subjective. Indeed, Idol is a classic example of the public at large telling a perplexed music industry what they like. Rather than the other way round !

Try this link to the Idols website for videos of various performances.

Apparently I was mentioned by Emelia in the finale broadcast with, 'Hey Casey, remember the cabbie who asked if we were famous..?'. This exchange is recounted in the link above.

Sheesh, mentioned on Idol - I guess I've made it. Better get an agent !

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