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hah ... I was on a very similar couch ... just not for as long.

I loved the young blonde things on Stictly Dancing. Their jive was superb. But ... the winners were not only superb but elegant, sexy, electrifying ... all those adjectives! And I agree about McDermott ... what a mismatch. Actually the entire setup is incongruous ... Lex Marinos and Angela Gilltrap serve no purpose whatsoever ... nothing NOTHING any of them says is funny ... just excruciatingly embarrassing ... but the dancing is great.

The Brief I have been enjoying tremendously. I like this sort of show. Andrew Davies (I think) is very likeable ... and the Scottish lass is keen ... she was in something ... mmm that cop show from Edinburgh with that bloke from Four Weddings and a Funeral ... can't remember ...

As soon as The Glasshouse came on I turned off ...

Gwen Stefani. Used to be in a band called No Doubt. Pretty sure she's straight, she was going out with one of the guys in No Doubt. Still never can tell.
With you on Paul McDermott - talentless and nasty.

Gwen Stefani is/was married (I've got a feeling she's going through a divorce right now) to Gavin Rossdale from a little known Brit rockband called Bush.

OK, I have to ask - was the use of "marionettes" soon after talking about the Happy Days mum (Marion Cunningham) on purpose? :-)

Mick, No, but well spotted ! It was purely a factual correction done on re-checking. In the original draft I used the term, 'puppets'.

Julie, in my book the kids were the real winners given they were amateurs and the winners professional. And Scottish, not was late.

Thanks for the Gwen update, Kim and Simon. Regarding McDermott, a mate of mine had him in the cab years ago, who reckoned he was up himself then.

Gwen Stefani is still with No Doubt and is still married to the guy (if Woman's Day haven't mentioned a break-up it hasn't happened)who is the lead singer of a band called Bush (who I think are American, but who knows and more importantly, who cares). Having said that I am about as hip as somebody who is totally not hip so what would I know about the world of popular music.

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