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Shit eh? I knew of the incident, but I never really took notice of the injury inflicted on the Cabbie.

It's terrible that he hasn't driven a cab yet, and even worse that he's lost some use of his arm because of it.

Shame on Mr. Latham.

Taking advantage of sleeping punters is only marginally better.

Lathams reputation as a tough working class Sydneysider ? What complete bollocks. I've always had the bloke down to be an arrogant jerk, who's 'championing of the people' has always had a hollow ring to it, coming from a foul mouthed moron who should never have been voted into any kind of public office.

Now how pray tell might said cabby’s arm got broke? Gee, perhaps it may have been involved in the act of binding itself to Mr Latham's person.

I would suggest the said arm was already well foul of fair play by latching itself within strike zone when being use as a restraining device.

Said cabby should have considered the preservation instinct that would be unleased when choosing to commit an assault on Mark Latham.

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