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You didn't scrub up too badly on Mondo Thingo, Adrian.
Good bit of PR.

May the hits be with you.

Cheers, thanks mate.

Well done; looks like you're going to crack it. I would have been hopping self consciously from foot to foot; me. Cheers for now.

You looked like you'd been doing TV all your life, well done!

I saw you on Mondo Thingo last night.
You were heaps cool and I think you should consider moving to Canberra, we'd love to have you here.
I'm telling all of my friends about you, they'll love you too.
Loking forward to reading more.

Hi dude

saw you on the tube

sending you amessage from the powerhouse museum

my last day in sydney

love your work you are an inspiration to all who blog

G'day mate....never saw this site before, looks good, nice work.
Just interested in all the comments lately about the Labour Party being too similar to the Liberals - does that feeling go both ways? John Howard, in the mid-eighties, publicly dedicated himself to destroying Medicare - now he poses as it's biggest fan. And there's more than one example of that kind of thing. Do people think that it's only the Labor Party that's moved to the centre, or..... Interested in what people think on that one.

Thanks everyone, I love yous all. On the burst for another shift in the saddle. I send a voice report later from the cab. Cheers.

I thought you pulled it off brilliantly mate. Kudos to you on it. I'm not at all sure how well I would do on TV, but I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty.

saw mondo thingo last night for the first time was quite amused, not much of an ABC fan, but this is one show i'm going to tune into now. An interesting perspective you have on life, especially as a cabbie, makes me want to catch a cab now *laughs*. Goodluck in the future, and i'll add you to my favourites list to read the updates, goodluck with the countlist!

Hey Mate,
I saw you on Mondo thingo last night and Just thought I'd say good luck

Hey Mate,
I saw you on Mondo thingo last night and Just thought I'd say good luck,Its wierd because my mum is always talking to cabbies and I never think much of it. Have you ever haqd someone thats gone mad about the recording thing?

Cheers folks. I've yet to directly record either in image, video or audio any of my passengers. Basically, they hop out and if needed I jot down the guist of the exchanges. From there I usually knock up a post after work on the PC, as I've just done with CABPOLL 5. Or if the exchange lends itself to Moblogging I'll do it immediately from the cab or later on a quiet rank.

Of course to record passengers, I first must inform them and seek their approval. This authorisation would be taped. Even then they have the right of veto later, I think. I imagine this practise will eventuate with breaking news events, such as another Redfern riot, or when Jennifer Hawkins seeks me out for an exclusive...

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