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"Lathem ......and his easy reversion to class warfare" what gives you that impression, is it his refusal to give public funds to privileged kids in wealthy private schools, or his ridiculous concept of the "ladder of opportunity"?
So what do you call Howard and Reiths' venture onto the docks and the constant coalition harping about the unfair dismissal laws that are so unfair to business?

Mate, you are going to get knighted by the monarchists and the Libs! Arise, Sir Adrian of Legion - for services to the status quo. You managed to tow the party line beautifully, better than most of the professional pollies! Did you ask Kerry Jones for a date? You could end up the heir to the "run-down old peoples homes" family fortune....
So you will be supporting Bob Carr in the state election - Brogden is obviously too young and inexperienced, blah, blah? Oh, that's different is it?

Must have been tempting to roll Jennie Brockie in a rug, stuff her in the boot and drop her off in Phillip Street, Redfern, so she could appreciate first hand the results of her previous efforts.

Sandcrab, The 'easy reversion to class warfare' has been mentioned in passing by those passengers who are circumspect over Lathams targetting of elite schools and his earlier documented expressions of teaching his kids 'hatred in politics'. Both outdated and unnecessary sentiments demonstrating his immaturity.

Ymmot, I've voted for Bob Carr in every election he's won. Equally because he's been good for NSW, the lack of a decent State Opposition and Federal Labor hate him. You forget I'm a swinging voter. Which makes a mockery of your, tow the party line.

I was asked two specific questions relating to my passengers views and responded accordingly. The fact those views didn't suit the forums agenda is not my problem.

PB, Can't get much of the story from this link but I assume it's a hatchet job on Redfern police..?

Hi Ade,

Good work mate - you did well on Mondo Thingo - looked good and sounded good.
Mate, I am being a bit harsh on you re toeing the party line - it's because you have put me onto this blogging thing, and nearly all the links I go to from your site are to the most rabid right wingers, and I therefore associate them with you (incorrectly, I concede). I accept wholeheartedly that you are a swinger (votewise) and a thinker too. Not to mention a great writer. Good on ya.

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