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I'll be watching, without fail.

hi adrian,

some friends of mine said they watched the glashouse, on which a lady mentioned that she had taken part in a cab poll. They thought she might have been my passenger. I did shmeless steal your idea, and printed a sheet for ppl to fill in, but didn't recall polling anyone so interesting that they were gunna be on telly. I therefore supposed she might have been referring to you, not me. Somewhere on my blog you'll find the results of my little poll.

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that I discovered your site while watching 'Mondo Thingo'.

Keep up the great work and keep working hard.

Am watching right now - great segment. You've edged me closer to investing in a decent mobile phone! Like your site.

Hey. I just noticed this site from Mondo Thingo.

Nice site - Very Intersting Reading!

Just finished watchin the segment. Cool stuff.

As you mentioned, the comments roll on in after the segment. Great site :)

Nice site.
Hope you get more hits

Just saw the segment on Mondo Thingo. Great stuff. Rupert will be knocking on your door very soon if he has any sense!

great site... i saw it on mondo thingo! its awesome. well done

Greetings cabbie blogger from Sydney! I just saw your Mondo-Thingo thingo. As has already been noted, you have a nice site, worth a revisit, certainly. Keep up the good work!

Just saw this on Mondo Thingo. Nice work :) I really admire what you're doing, and you have an excellent style of writing. Have added you to my daily blog list :)

to quote you :

"if I get a bit of media coverage, this will go off".. I reckon you hit the nail on the head right there, great idea. I'd imagine it would be very easy to lose concentration whilst driving people around all day; this is an excellent way to spice things up for you and your passengers, cool. Cheers

Hi Adrian,
I saw the segment about you on Mondo thingo too. Just been skooting around your site checking it out. Great stuff. I like the polling you're doing. Someone should be paying you a commission.
Any chance you'd be interested in being part of a research project next year? I want to ask cab drivers about their work, how they got to be doing this kind of work, what they do and don't like about it, how the industry works etc., how they see the city/people in the city changing (Melb and Sydney). Would you be interested?

Ditto BrisbaneGirl - wife and I and unborn baby Pinto just saw you on Mondo Thingo and I thought I'd try and find you on the net. Took me a while. Need to improve my googling technique. Good on ya. Happy driving.

Great site Adrian. Thanks to Mondo Thingo I will be an everyday visitor around 10ish. Expresso. Black. Keep up the good work.

I occassionally watch Mondo Thingo. Congratulations on the TV exposure. Great web site. And (the reason I got onto the Web Site in the first place) boy are you a handsome stud! I mean it. I came to the site to see more pics of you but what a dissapointment. Please fill up your About Me page with Y O U.

Adrian, if you are single, please email me for more info. Thanks. Sincerely, Michael.

Good blog, but I don't see how your blog is any better than my blog! :)

Just learnt about your little blog thing on Mondo Thingo. I'm in WA, hence the time diff. I think this sort of thing is amazing, i love that people can share themselves with complete strangers. I didn't even kow what blogging was till 2 days ago! Oh well, you know what WA stands for dont't ya? Good ol' Wait Awhile! Best of luck to you mate, you've made me smile.

Aw shucks, it's all too much and your comments and encouragement are much appreciated.

Michael, sorry to disappoint you, but I've got a modern disease - unreconstructed hetrosexuality. I mean that in a caring way.
Noswonky, you're right - I haven't got enough Japanese content. Either personally or publicly.
Liss, why don't you send me an email...

If anyone wants to sponsor a virgin site, send me a proposal. It's been a tough winter and i need to offset some costs, especially when I commence streaming live video from the cab.

Saw your spot on Mondo Thingo. I like the site.

Keep on blogging!

gee! You are certainly famous now adrian!
I also heard of your site on Mondo Thingo, and before that had never heard of blogging.
I think this is a fantastic idea though, well done!


Thanks Xander and Kylie, start a blog, it's lots of fun.

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