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Actually, I think that what you're doing is remarkable pioneer.

We all know that right now, bloggers are starting to gain real credibility, especially in view of the latest in a long line of Mediasaur disappointments.

Not satisfied with bloggage in the current format, you're seeking to expand the boundaries in a way that not too many (none, that I can think of) others will be contemplating.

If fortune really does favour the bold, I'd say you're in a for a payday sometime soon, my friend.

Oh yeah, and answer ya fucken emails, ya bastard.


Aw gee, thanks Mike. I love new technologies and modern comms. so can't help myself. In the interview I was asked something like whether I was in competition with mainstream media and I guess I am. From memory I think I said that in the near future all journos will have smart mobile technology and be able to capture images, compile stories and post directly from the field online. Well, in fact they can now but media control and editors dictate otherwise. This is where bloggers have the upper hand.

I've checked my emails and can't find yours. I suspect you may still have my previous one from a couple of months ago. The new one is jafablog{at} and will be sidebared as soon as...

New layout's very snappy. Now you're famous, you won't talk to we plebs; how'd you resist the temptation to headbut Amanda Kellaher?

PB, my good friend Mandy, along with all Mondo employees are beautiful, kind and caring people. Please address all future correspondence to my agent - Thank you.

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