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Very well written Adrian ... It must have been a real plesaure for you to pen down your everyday experiences (even after driving 12 hours)..

After driving for 12 hours in Sydney, I'd be comatose.

How very sad!

I am sure his brothers could help him but he has to want the help.

Thanks folks, Whilst I'm on a few nights off, steeling myself for work tomorrow, I'm still unable to get blogging till well after midnight. Fall asleep on the lounge do I.

I came to the screen preoccupied by the Mick Fleetwood story, and little else. In particular his positive outlook after having gone through so much. Then I recalled the encounter with the hobo last year and the contrast with the Fleetwood story.

Fleetwood had the insurance of money, family and love. So many others don't having burnt their bridges long ago or simply never had a chance to start with.

I recall the Chaplin at the Matthew Talbot once telling me how he'd officiated at a drifters funeral. The bloke's sister was there having been located through government channels. She hadn't seen him in 35 years since leaving their foster family.

Their single mother had died when they were young children and were sent to a foster family. The boy would run away only to be found every time at the cemetery sitting on his mother's grave.

She was four years older and had sworn to him through their upbringing they'd always stay together, she'd protect him. However, adulthood and her marriage saw them drift apart, and the boy never became a man, wandering aimlessly through life, pining for his mother.

All street people have stories yet not all want to be rescued, or even sheltered. The majority have mental illnesses and addictions or one sort or other, fed by their government pensions. The Shelters are there is they want them, but often they simply choose their own way.

Homelessness has increased by over 50% in the last decade, two thirds of homeless people are fleeing domestic violence, 67,000 requests from children, families, young people and others for Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) services could not be met due to lack of resources in 2002-3.
Homelessness figures from the 2001 census show a total of 99,900 people were homeless on Census night females comprise 42% of the total and that 46% were aged under twenty five. This contrasts with the common wisdom that the typical homeless person is an older male. However, while males and females are about even for those under twenty five, men make up more than 60% of those aged twenty five and over; and 68% of those aged sixty five and over.
Source Australian Council of Social Service.

If I'd been driving in sydney for 12 hours, I's be homicidal.

You sound homicidal at the best of times, especially judging by that crass comment on Clover in the Asbestos blog.

No so much crass as a waste of ammo- what say we wait 'til there's a boatload of reffos to fire at?

Another crass comment - you're doing well!
You would have been out there firing on the Iraqi's as they arrived here after fleeing from the murderous Saddam, no doubt, but you would also (no doubt) have supported us sending our young people (troops) to die (if we had not cut and run from Iraq 12 months ago) liberating those very same Iraqi's.
Not only crass, but a hypocrite!
Tell me, were the boats that arrived here in 1788 full of reffos? Should they have been shot too?

Sandcrab, when I worked at the Talbot around 2000, City Council released a report that approximately 200 people were sleeping rough in Sydney each night. There are lots of support services and shelters for those who want them. However most shelters enforce curfews so this muddles the figures somewhat. I guess it all turns on the definition of 'homelessness'.

They're bitin' down your way, Adrian; pity they're all undersized, or jennies.

"I guess it all turns on the definition of 'homelessness'."

Indeed, The broadening of the definition to include people living in caravans contributed to the rise in the 'homeless'.

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