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Hey, hey - new look; a change is next best to a holiday they reckon - do ya feel like you've just been to the Cote d'Azur for a fortnight - all expenses paid :-)) Cheers.

Love the new look! While you're changing things, any chance of syndicating the full text of articles in your RSS feed? At the moment I only get the first couple of lines.



Adrian, I have a small amount of research that seems to indicate that people confound who they think will win with who they want to win.

Coming soon to woodenspoon, i.e. when i can be bothered.

Thanks Ian, it's all due to wonderful Raena of Synapse. And yes it does feel like a refreshing holiday.

Paul, consider it done shortly with the option of full versions or intro only.

Steev, heart over head, or emotion over intellect, the story of punting failures worldwide.

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