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Hey Ade,
What was the Centrebet payout for Port Power in the AFL Grand Final? They don't always get it right, I'm happy (and wealthier) to say.
Mate, you seem to be picking up a lot more Liberal voters, lately. You haven't been hanging round safe Liberal seats again have you? No wonder you don't get many tips!
I loved the guy that thought Downer was underrated! Was your passenger Rip Van Winkle - been asleep for 10 years? As opposition leader he was a shocker, as foreign minister he's even worse. How embarrassment!
This election is still very close, in my view, and probably even closer after today. Howard is favourite for sure, but that's fine. It often helps to be the underdog - so keep it up - every bit helps.
Maybe I should put my Centrebet winnings from Port Adelaide onto Latham? Or Number 4 in the 7th on Saturday? (there's a tip)

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