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I heard of this site on Mondo Thingo the other night and personally, i think it is fascinating. It's an imaginative idea that keeps many bored people around Australia (i can imagine) awake, aparrantly the man of lettuce too!! From his interviews people can also see which way the voting is going, and i must say i am very pleased that most are voting Labor. Anything other than Howard in my opinion. This site also gives me an idea of what the polititians are saying as well, because i am only twelve and don't like to watch the news. A great idea.

You've made a good point Piera regarding 'most people (in my cab) are voting Labor'. Why is it so ? Because most(or a large percentage) people in my cab are young to middle aged, often single, are professionals and tertiary educated, and live within 15 kms of the Centre of Sydney. This is not to say Labor will win, just that this mob are more likely to vote Labor or the Greens.

I also understand your reluctance to watch the news. Lots of young people think if it's not on the Web, then it ain't true !

Hi, I too first saw your site on Mondo Thingo and thought it was great.

Then I was searching for info on Tommy Leonetti and 'the song' and popped up here. Well done its a great site.

Im not fond of taxis these days, having had one too many bad experiences, but after having bagged your industry on
I have passed your url on to a guy in uk who is doing research into taxis round the world.

Keep up the good work, very enjoyable site.

That url should have read


then sydney forum.

I hope this is of interest to you.

Thanks silverrose, I'm encouraged by your restored faith in cabbies, though I must say our maligned reputation is much deserved, unfortunately.

Too many drivers have a bad attitude as they've been 'forced' into the game and so consider it beneath them. In reality, it is just as noble and honourable a profession as one makes of it.

The site you've mentioned looks interesting and I'll check it out after work tonite. Cheers,

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