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Speaking of angels; I have noticed that when I click on a link from your site, the address doesn't change in the address bar. I have been puzzled by this for a while but now suspect that you are in fact serving the pages linked through your server with the subsequent increase in your bandwidth. Check with the experts but I can think of no other explanation - I assure you that that doesn't mean for one second that there isn't one, it will just prove the old adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

I've often thought that flatness wasn't just a state of mind, but a virus that occasionally spread out through the community. I've been feeling exactly the same way of late.

Me too- I think the virus uses beer as an active vector.

You have threatened to cut down a few times now, I hope this is another false alarm as your writing brings joy to others.

Thanks for the tip Ian. It's not something that happens at my end but I'll consult some experts.

Regarding flatness, maybe it's the change of seasons. Been plenty of sniffles in the cab lately with the unseasonal warmth. Old time aborigines call it 'sickness weather'.

And coincidentally, with a desire to cut back blogging, comes a request today from the ABC to blog an election event. Oh well, I tried...

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