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There may well come a day when our society looks on procreation as a privilege, not a basic human right. But not in my lifetime, I would hazard to guess.

Indeed Fabian, breeding as a privilege, reflecting the responsibility which such a gift bears. For as it stands, a worrying percentage of breeding in our society is more about financial benefit and status seeking, than anything genuine.

Already we have the Chinese example of regulated breeding, albeit for population control there. But an example nonetheless.

I'll never forget a line by an SMH journalist covering the appalling torture and murder of the baby in Wagga, by the Mums' boyfriend - a case just come to fruition this week - a statement which applies to all classes,

In the ghettoes of the bush, 'children' have children...

It ain't just the bush, Adrian, although it's probably more frequent out here. 14 is the youngest Mum I know personally.

Just what do you suggest humanity should do about this, after all our forebears died in wars so we have this freedom to have children whether the parents are handicap, spastic, autistic, mongoloid, rich, poor, responsible or irresponsible.

Any sort of restriction and people will cry “NAZI” (We are not in China) for that is what Hitlers Reich wanted to do, to create the Superior Race. And if you read “Mien Kamph” he refers to Responsibility as parents as well as to have healthy children
(i.e. sterilise the handicap and the sick and the poor and the irresponsible)
Here is just a snippet.

The question of the 'nationalisation' of a people is, among other things, primarily a question of creating healthy social conditions as a foundation for the possibility of educating the individual. For only those who through school and upbringing learn to know the cultural, economic, but above all the political greatness of their own fatherland can and will achieve the inner pride in the privilege of being a member of such a people.
And I can fight only for something that I love, love only what I respect, and respect only what I at least know.


Then he goes on later in the book.

Through educational means the State must teach individuals that illness is not a disgrace but an unfortunate accident which has to be pitied, yet that it is a crime and a disgrace to make this affliction all the worse by passing on disease and defects to innocent creatures out of mere egotism. And the State must also teach the people that it is an expression of a really noble nature and that it is a humanitarian act worthy of admiration if a person who innocently suffers from hereditary disease refrains from having a child of his own but gives his love and affection to some unknown child who, through its health, promises to become a robust member of a healthy community. In accomplishing such an educational task the State integrates its function by this activity in the moral sphere. It must act on this principle without paying any attention to the question of whether its conduct will be understood or misconstrued, blamed or praised.
If for a period of only 600 years those individuals would be sterilised who are physically degenerate or mentally diseased, humanity would not only be delivered from an immense misfortune but also restored to a state of general health such as we at present can hardly imagine.
A Hitler 1924

I see these kids sometimes and my heart sinks, but the bottom line is “These kids are not yours” and If I was a parent and if you criticised me with my parenting. I will kick you in the nuts. For my forebears died in wars for this freedom. Like it or not

Raving Loonie, you're a funny guy - assuming you're a male. I don't know where to start, or even if I should start on someone who relies on Hitlers' views, a lack of parenthood, and the threat of violence to make a convoluted point.

But I will, 'cause I'm bored and need a laugh after a 12 hour shift dealing with drunken and drugged idiots all night...

I observe our society from close quarters, every night, and so report on what I see. Additionally, as an experienced parent it is inevitable that I have some informed views, as it pertains to responsible parenting.

However the 'responsible parenting' Hitler advocates is in the context of creating an Ayrian race. Pure racism. I don't see that in my post. Furthermore, I've re-read the post and cannot find any reference to handicapped children either. To make these connections betrays your immaturity.

In mentioning China, I made the distinction they have a serious population problem. In doing so I made no value judgement, re such a policy, but merely mentioned it as an example of controlled breeding, albeit for different reasons than this post addresses. And certainly not related to Hitlers racism. Only you make that connection...

Our forebears died in wars, not particularly for our right to carte-blanche parenting, but rather for freedom from political and social oppression. This is not to say irresponsible parenting did not figure, but in the scheme of things, bigger issues were at stake. If you had a cursory knowledge of history you would not be exhibiting this glaring lack of perspective.

An abject lack of life experience is also indicated by the inane statement, “These kids are not yours”. These kids, once rejected by their irresponsible parents, are then our problem, and become our kids, by virtue of taxpayer-funded social services. Who else is going to help them, you, their parents...?

Remember, as fellow humans, they are our brothers and sisters. Responsible members of a society look out for one another, like it or not. Which is why you are so impotent in recognising this, suggesting an inability, or worse, an unwillingness to help them.

Finally, if you truly are concerned about these kids, you would forego the right to breed. Why ? Cause you're one cold, heartless fucker...

The mention of china is a telling one, adrian. Any "regulation" of breeding has to come with punishment, or it's merely words on a page. If there's punishment involved, then the "guilty" will try to cover up their misbehaviour. This results in infanticide and human trafficking. Is that really better than a few underage prostitutes? At least they aren't starving to death.

On the face of it, yes Yobbo. However are there not degrees of culpability involved ?

How does one judge the starvation by Mugabe of Zimbabweans, not of his tribe or party. To wit, genocide writ large. Or the refusal, to now, of the South African President to recognise the reality of HIV amongst his people, another form of genocide -read birth control- by negligence.

At least the Chinese, with it's 1.6 billion punters drawing on limited resources, have taken a transparent and proactive position, in lieu of a more socially acceptable policy being available.

In an imperfect world, they have rejected Mao's quick-fix of population control by starvation. For us in a priviledged society such measures seem inhumane for sure.

Though, I'm not certain if underage prostitution is related to population control, or responsible breeding in a priviledged Western culture...I suspect we're dealing with a number of different issues here...

I stumbled acroos this page with the search words - "looking for love" and think it best to just disconnest and appreciate my life !

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