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So this supposedly responsible adult drives 16 year old girls around so they can buy alcohol illegally. These kids will be drunken sluts by 18 & he can congratulate himself for aiding their careers. Would he have thought this behaviour charming in white girls? Or described it as "loveable"? He's a patronising racist pig. And an idiot.

If he hadn't driven them, someone else less sensitive would have. And don't worry, there are plenty of white 16-y-o girls and boys who get cabbies to buy them booze. Adrian's affectionate portrayal has shown that before anything else, these kids are high-spirited, sharp, fun-loving teens. By just letting these kids know that at least one adult doesn't think they're complete losers, Adrian is doing immense good. Only an axe-grinding, dogmatic curmudgeon of the first order would see racism and patronisation where it doesn't exist. You're a disgrace PM.

You haven't been in a cab long enough to draw the conclusion that they are loveable rogues .To get through the issues of steriotypeing and come to a conclusion about a class of people is dangerous but necessary in the cab game .

Huh ?

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