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You realise that you should be collecting all of these sorts of posts together into a manuscript, right?

This stuff is freaking priceless. It would sell out. Not the other week I was talking and sharing a beer with James Morrow (of the Daily James and Duckseason fame) and he was telling me about how books of that kind do gangbusters.

Might be something to think about. I know I'd buy it.

Gee thanks Mike. Actually a publisher invited me to submit some stories last year but he reckoned it wasn't interesting enough for a book. So I said bugger it, I'll publish myself. Hence this site. Can it make money ? I dunno. Slatts reckons someone should give me a newspaper column, but I've managed to piss-off the editors in this town. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for a movie offer !!

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